Friday, March 4, 2011

Picnic at the Park

We had our first family picnic at the park on Wednesday! Aaron had a lunch break so I picked up and we went to the park by the library.

Isn't his outfit fitting for the park? I mean who doesn't go to the park in a button-down and slacks these days?

 Looking cute in her lil bonnet.

She LOVES to swing!

Such a happy girl.

Check out them stems.

As we are swinging by... She looks so tiny in the swing. Haha.

Daddy gently pushing Miss Gavi.

She gets the eyebrow thing from me ;]

My FAVORITE pic of the day!

Slide time!

I had more fun than she did.

She'd rather sit by herself like a big girl.

Another favorite from the day!

Showing her enthusiasm by clapping.

I'm looking forward to more days at the park with family. It was a great lunch break and a wonderful time to spend with the family! 

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