Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Painted Peacocks

I have a new found obsession with PEACOCKS.

I love colors that make up the peacock. And I even love the white peacocks. Look how beautiful they are...

I love the vibrant blue and they way the "eyes" pop off the the greens and brown (which is actually a mix of blue and red I found out) in the feathers.

 And the leucistic peacock... how regal and elegant!

Did you know...

The tails or feathers are referred to as trains.

The male is called a PEACOCK and the female a PEAHEN. Together they are called peafowl.

The peacock is the national bird of India.

The male peacock will flaunt his feathers in order to get noticed by the peahen. 
(So true for men, right?)

The female will choose her mate based on the size, color, and quality of male's trains.
(So true for women too, right?)

The females gather together and are called "parties". It's always a party when you are with friends!

**The title "The Painted Peacocks" comes from a line in my favorite movie - "The Pride and Prejudice".
**Peacock facts retrieved from Wikipedia and National Geographic.

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