Wednesday, April 6, 2011

slap clap YEAH! (part two)

I remember my first year coaching, I was 18 almost 19 years old. Only 5 years older than these girls. I really had know idea what I was doing. But I just went off of what I knew, how I had been coached, and what I thought what would be successful. It was a definite learning experience for all us. This group is now freshman soon-to-be sophomores in college... But they will always be little 8th graders to me!

((I've modeled my coaching style off of Orson Sykes, Twist and Shout Nation ;). I thought he was a fantastic coach and he made us Regional, State, and National Champions. Can't go wrong there.))

Each group has been incredible and so different dynamically. And each group holds a special place in my heart with different memories.

This past year I finally decided that it was my time to step down. I had talked about before just with different opportunities that had come up but I wasn't ready to walk away from cheer just yet. My goal when I first started was to coach for 5 years. I was there for 6. A lot of people think I'm leaving because I have a daughter now. Honestly, she is so chill that she really wasn't a factor. The Lord has called me to leave cheerleading. I would like to think it's not forever. Gavi may decide to like cheer more than I did, hope not, but she might ;). But my time is up. I need to give someone else the opportunity that I had. I need to give someone the life changing experience that I had. So I have done just that. One of my former girls from my first year of coaching is now taking over the Whittier Cheer program. Incredible how things come full circle.

The past 6 years have been the best 6 years of my life. Words cannot truly express the feelings, the joy, the reward, the full experience I've had coaching. I will forever be changed because of those girls. We definitely had our ups and downs but everything was worth it.

Cheerleading, I love you. Thank you for giving me the greatest life experiences. I will never forget you.

Yours Truly,


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