Monday, September 12, 2011

life is crazy; so get over it

Some times you just have to laugh at life.

This morning my cocka-doodle-doo alarm went of at promptly 6:15am, alerting me that it was time to rise and shine. I debated for a split second about going to bed but I knew that my friend Kristin would be expecting a text from me at any time -- I love you accountability, but this morning I did not like you --Nevertheless, I got up to turn off my alarm, before it irritatingly annoyed my husband. I had also devised a sneaky little plan to get myself out of bed before I would have the chance to change my mind about getting up. I placed my phone on my dresser, two-feet from my bedside. Sneaky, sneaky. It works though. I grabbed my bible, pen, journal, iPad, and iphone (yes, all essential for studying the Word) before heading downstairs. I set the mood with Pandora; Kari Jobe radio. My Holy Bible, YouVersion app isn't working on the ipad... really? Good thing I grabbed my phone (essentials...). Active Daily Devotional - Day 3. Our precious pooches reminded me that they want out of their crate. Outside they go. Inside they come, rambunctiously unaware of the time. I'm promising myself that I won't get upset with them for distracting me. I'd be excited too if I was released from a cage, allowed to roam free and bounce on cushiony things. They all gather with me on the couch as I read Psalm 3 aloud. They are crowding me, getting as close as they can. I'm breathing in dog hair. As I remind them of a wonderful place called outside, they jump for joy and begin to wrestle; wrestling all the way to the door. Of course wrestling is accompanied by growling and bellowing. You can't wrestle silently, that's awkward. Their playful noises wake up my child. Thank you. Does the child's father hear her? No. I climb the steps trudgingly to rescue her. I flip on the light, only to blind her. Her hair is standing in every which direction. Her eyes are barely open but her lips are crying out for "momma". I pick her up, change her, and strip her down to her diaper. We bounce down the stairs, because it makes her happy. We fix her milk and she plops down on the couch with me. I pick up where I left off... Psalm 3. David is running. The Lord is his only protection, "I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the Lord sustains me." -- Psalm 3:5; Sustains, in Hebrew is camak or "saw-mak" -- rest, revive, or refresh.

I was reminded this morning that life is crazy, but I need to get over it. Life isn't going to change, only my attitude and how I handle it can make a difference. I can choose to let it overwhelm me or I can choose to dominate it. When my intentions to seek the Lord are honorable, He revives me. He reminds me that the demands of life and parenthood are great but His grace and mercy are greater.

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  1. Great word! And omg "You can't wrestle silently, that's awkward."...that is some awfully funny stuff right there.