Saturday, August 25, 2012

posting out of obedience

There is something about exposing your raw thoughts in print. It seems it may last a lifetime. And then some. It is intimidating. It is refreshing. What if you say the wrong thing? People seem to get into quite a tizzy these days when you express your opinion, which just so happens to be different than theirs. I'm a non-confrontational person, so I keep my mouth shut. What purpose does that serve? I've been avoiding posting on this blog for quite some time now. It seems to be an area that the Lord wants me to pursue. For me it seems to be an area where I might fail. Failure is not an option. Then I'm reminded that if I am not using the gifts the Lord gave me, especially for His honor and glory, then I'm being disobedient. So this post, while it may serve no purpose, is really serving God. Some may think, blogging isn't that big of deal, why fret so much? I have put an extreme amount of pressure on myself to succeed in writing, whatever the avenue, that I've paralyzed myself with fear. In all actuality, I can't take all the credit. I do believe that the enemy has his hand in this. He is sneaky, devilish scheme is to try to stop me by lying to me. He doesn't want to me to pursue this. He doesn't want me to be obedient. He wants me to fail. So while this post serves to serve God. This post also is in-spite of the enemy. If I'm obedient, even in the small -- what may seem insignificant -- things, God has the opportunity to show his faithfulness and glory. I am disobedient, even in the small things, the enemy wins.

I refuse to let the enemy win, especially on my account.

This post is to get my jitters out. To shake off the lies and distractions (specifically the fact my blog has to look perfect before I can even begin... really?!). To, most importantly, be obedient.

"Are you called to write? That's the only question you need to answer. And if the answer is yes, then you need to write the book (or blog, or poem, or article) as an act of obedience. It doesn't matter whether anyone reads it or not." -- Mark Batterson, The Circle Maker

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